Bellinet Taveras

Designer | Founder | Since 2017

I am just a girl who likes to design and create beautiful works of art!  My passion for jewelry making began when I was a child. I would spend hours drawing and creating different pieces from recycled materials.  I was able to get training on jewelry making techniques and I seriously went above and beyond.  Within the first couple of days I was creating beautiful pieces. 

Jewelry making is something I really enjoy.  Is my favorite time and my favorite thing to do.  Is a blessing to be able to decorate and beautify any style.  Is the perfect complement, the finishing yet most important touch.  

My designs can range from versatile to very intricate.  I do not limit my imagination and ability and I do not limit my beautiful clients.  I give the same love to every piece, no matter if it takes me an hour or three days to do. 

What else can I say?  Handcrafted by Belle is a dream come true. 


Thank you for being part of it. 

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